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Energy lag...

I've been feeling pretty tired as of late, most likely still from yesterday, hauling all those barrels. Practically brimming with metal in them, my back seems okay though... Must be getting used to it. One thing I can say for it though, is that it does have a tendency to tone you up, this is a good thing of course. There was this other chap at a scrap yard we were weighing stuff in for, he must've been my age, probably slightly older, 20's or so. I could tell he was obviously new to the trade, too long to list the signs. But you work inside a circle of tradesmen for so many years and you just pick up a newbie at first sight... Anyway, he tried to move one of these barrels and failed. Miserably. Shortly afterward, I came along, put my back into it and shifted it relatively easily. Meh, what can I say... I guess that made me feel pretty good about myself. I take pride in my work, but I wouldn't go as far as saying I overestimate myself.

It's been suggested to me that I become more friendly to people and I find this especially difficult, I'm not anti-social perse, I just don't interact with people I know little or nothing about. I'm a suspicious person by nature; anyone should be able to understand this. "Respect is earned" etc etc.
And another thing, what's with the freaking name changes every 5 minutes with people? Why can't they stick with one name, pick one you like and keep it ffs. Confuses the hell out of me when people start talking to me on MSN and I don't know who the hell they are, I'll lock their display into e-mail address only if it continues. Me, you see, I like permanence, consistency. I don't have to add some 10 hashes or some dashes to my made up online name so it looks "pretty." But I guess some aren't satisfied with that.
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