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Who Designed This!?

It's been a pretty busy week so far, had a job heading up to Nottingham which was nice. I hear a lot of Nottingham "bashing" from where I'm from (competing states) but really, Nottingham is quite pretty. Not nearly as industrial as my city.

Another interesting thing to note along the way was the road rage with other drivers, something common for a job on the road. I usually stay cold in such situations, but it felt pretty natural shouting abuse back. Something instinctual clicks inside of you and rationalization takes a back seat, feeling enraged with heat and strength.
It reminds me of an incident I witnessed when I was younger, it shocked me at the time, but I look back at it with laughter now. Two motorists having an argument in the middle of busy traffic, until one of them exits the car holding a tyre iron and smashes the other couples windows in. Hahaha, the couple just froze in their seats, fucking showed them. XD

The cargo we shifted wasn't a problem, except for this welded metal monster that was about 7-10m high. We weren't overloaded, but it was quite top-heavy, a nightmare on corners and paranoia on low bridges. Worst of all, we only had 3 decent ratchet straps to work with. Not too favourable at all. I'm relieved they held though, it's amazing how much force they can administer on objects to keep them secure.
The only problem I have with this set up however, is the flatbed has aluminium hooks. Seriously... what sick bastard would design a truck with cast aluminium hooks!? They bend after a few pounds pressure and I ratchet stuff down pretty damn hard, as you should do. I've worked with several lorries and never had that configuration before, they really should be steel ideally.
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