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Coffee flavoured coffee

The week has been progressing steadily with fair amounts of work, my navigation skills were called upon again when we went up to Wednesbury, near West Bromwich. Quite a heavy load as well, even when the throttle was opened, we were maxing out at 40-50 mph only. Funny thing really, "miles" is the only Imperial unit I still cling onto. I can see a future when they replace it with kilometres.
We tried out our new GPS navigator this week, it was kind of fiddly to begin with but it had me quite impressed once it was up and running. Kind of makes my job as navigator obsolete, heh, it's lucky I'm needed to do other areas. And besides, the device wasn't full proof, it made a few routes which I judged from experience and couldn't concur with it.

I downloaded this recording of an American stand-up comedian, about coffee and how impossible it is getting regular coffee these days. Lol, he couldn't be more right. Anyway, while we're on the coffee topic, ordered some coffee from McDonald's today (a restaurant which has a proven track record for making mostly lousy coffee). Along with two doughnuts. Never tried dunking them in my coffee before and let me say... it was damn nice. It's quickly becoming my favourite combination for lunch.

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A theme I've noticed this week is my frequent conversations with various unnamed contacts concerning; "the dynamics of relationships." It genuinely surprises me how many people are having issues this month, must be a September thing I guess. This is just not one couple in particular, several at least. But basically, they all have the same flaw in common, the ability to communicate. I just cannot stress how important this is to the durability of a relationship and I'm no expert in this area, I have no degree on this subject. It's just common sense! But as a principle, I don't like interfering in such matters, I can't help here, no counsellor can. It's something that needs to be realised by both parties, at least that's my view on it.
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